7 Fun Attractions To Redeem Your Singapore Rediscover Voucher On

All Singapore citizens aged 18 years old and above as of 2020 will be eligible to each receive $100 SingapoRediscovers vouchers (SRV) as mentioned by Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Singapore citizens who are eligible for Singaporediscovers vouchers can redeem your SingapoRediscovers vouchers at the checkout page via digital SingPass account or community centres’ counters anytime for your voucher code.

Take extra note that the redemption period of these $100 Singaporediscovers vouchers have been extended by STB and will expire on 30 Dec 2021 and won’t be able to be converted into real cash after the deadline. Also note that SingapoRediscovers vouchers cannot be stacked or combined by Singpass as part of the scheme.

Booking With Authorised Booking Partners (E.g. Trip.com Travel Singapore Pte Ltd or Klook Travel Technology Pte Ltd )

Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has appointed the following five authorised booking partners for the SingapoRediscover Vouchers scheme for attractions and tours: Changi Travel Services Pte Ltd, GlobalTix Pte Ltd,  Klook Travel Technology Pte Ltd with UOB Travel Planners Pte Ltd (as consortium members), Traveloka Services Pte Ltd, Trip.com Travel Singapore Pte Ltd.

If you are unsure of how to redeem your SingapoRediscovers vouchers, here’s our step-by-step guide on redemption with our partners and how to get your voucher code for use at the checkout page by Singpass. Time is running out and you should thus redeem your voucher code as soon as possible!

You will generally want to look for merchants operating products with the Singaporediscovers vouchers icon such as the one above or ‘Eligible for SingapoRediscovers Vouchers’ icon as your vouchers can be used here for redemption. An example is here for Artscience Museum.

The 3 categories of eligible products and packages you can use SingapoRediscovers vouchers to rediscover Singapore and support local tourism are:

We will go through these attractions and tours and let you know our best choices to use your Singaporediscovers vouchers on to help local businesses in these hard times!

Note that children and youth below 18 years old will also enjoy $10 subsidy on child youth tickets at attractions and tours as part of the SingapoRediscovers voucher scheme by Singapore Tourism Board.

Tours in Singapore To Redeem Your Singaporediscovers Vouchers On:


From rediscovering Singapore’s history through various landmarks and sites to playing games with family and friends, there are lots of tours out there to use your SingapoRediscovers vouchers on, with child youth tickets included! Here are some of our recommendations of tours that you can redeem your SingapoRediscovers vouchers on.

1. Heritage Of The Rail Corridor Tour | Rediscover A Railway’s History

Rediscover the role of The Rail Corridor as you uncover the rich cultural heritage behinds the landmarks along the trail. The Rail Corridor used to be a part of Malaysia’s KTM railway line that connects Singapore and Malaysia and it stretches across 24km. What a distance!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Take a trip down memory lane in this 1.5h tour as you stroll along the trail that goes from Old Bukit Timah Railway Station to the mosque of Masjid Hang Jebat. You will be able to take many instagrammable photographs with your friends and loved ones at the many photogenic landmarks, especially the railyway (above) itself. Find out more here. Book now for free!

How to purchase: Free of Charge! (After $100 SRV) Klook.com

2. Labrador Park Tour + Seafood Buffet Dinner | WWII History With Relics

Head on this walking tour as you traverse Labrador Park, home to many beautiful sights available at the sea and park. Get to know more about Singapore’s history through WWII relics left and from commentary by our experienced tour guide while you take magnificent photographs with your family and loved ones at these areas. You will be visiting famous sites such as the Red Beacon tower, Gun emplacements, Rocky sea cliff and Machine gun posts.

A Delicious Seafood Buffet To End It Off


End off with a scrumptious seafood buffet dinner at The Three Peacocks as you chat with your friends or loved ones about the day’s activities. Find out more here!

How to purchase: Free of Charge! (After SRV) Trip.com

3. Pokemon Go Cultural Walking Tour | Catch Rare Pokemon And Learn

Photograph: Taken from Kamil (Unsplash)

Rediscover attractions and murals of our Singapore Heartland while playing Pokemon GO on this cultural walking tour. You will get a unique experience as you get to battle it out in Pokemon battles and catch rare Pokemon while learning about the diverse cultures and rich heritage Singapore has to offer. Places will include Little India, Kampong Glam, Haji Lane. Find out more here. If you enjoy playing Pokemon Go, this tour is for you!

How to purchase: Free of Charge! (After SRV) Klook.com , Trip.com

Staycations in Singapore To Use Your Singaporediscovers Vouchers On:

Luxurious staycations are a good place for family and friends to redeem their vouchers on and to experience Singapore due to the usual close proximity of the hotel to many attractions and landmarks of Singapore for exploration. Here are some hotels for you to visit and experience what it is like to be a tourist visiting hotels in Singapore.

1.  Fullerton Hotel | A Luxurious Retreat And Escape

Take a trip to the Fullerton Hotel, one of only three hotels designated as National Monuments in Singapore. You will enjoy stunning architecture, updated rooms and great service at the Fullerton Hotel. You can also enjoy a range of delicacies at Town Restaurant whilst enjoying views of the Singapore River.

Close Proximity To Attractions And Landmarks

It is just a few minutes of walking from popular attractions like the Asian Civilisations Museum and Singapore National Gallery, giving you quick access to rediscover these areas when you are on your staycation! Come visit this hotel now!

How to purchase: Starting from S$228 for 2 (After $100 SRV) Klook.com

2. Marina Bay Sands | Breathtaking View Just From Your Hotel Room

Marina Bay

Take a trip to Marina Bay Sands, located in the heart of Singapore, just east of downtown. It’s also one of the most recognizable landmarks and hotels in Singapore and is famous for its iconic rooftop pool, which is the largest elevated swimming pool in the world. 

The hotel itself is amazing. The rooms are well-appointed and the view inside the room is breathtaking. You can see both the gardens by the bay as well as all the boats docked at sea if you select the right room. You will also be able to visit their famous mall, which is the only one in Singapore with a casino. Book now!

How to purchase: Starting from S$465 for 3D2N (after $100 SRV) Klook.com

Attractions To Use Your Singaporediscovers Vouchers On:

Attractions are a good place to use your voucher as they are usually cheap in price and you can go for multiple deals or bookings to explore our city in its entirety.

1. Singapore Zoo | Learn And Get Close With Animals

Photograph: Taken from Rigel (Unsplash)

Come on down with your loved ones and friends to rediscover our Singapore Zoo, home to a wide array of wild animals from around the world. Having semi-open enclosures and a tropical jungle habitat gives visitors a refreshing look into how animals might behave in natural environments, and allows you to go up and close with the animals!

Feeding Programmes For Up And Close Contact

The zoo also has a feeding program where they invite guests and visitors to feed certain animals at different timings in the day, including giraffes and elephants. Come visit and explore our Singapore Zoo today!

How to purchase: Free of Charge! (After $18 SRV) Klook.com You will be able to purchase multiple tickets at once!

2. Flight experience | Fly Like A Pilot

Experience what it’s like to be a pilot by delving into the airline world through flying a real-life simulator attraction (a Boeing 737) normally reserved for training of professional pilots. More than being at an arcade, you will learn about and be in control of the whole process from take-off to touchdown with guidance from certified pilots.

Immersive Simulator And Intense Challenges

They will also have HD screens to replace windows as you immerse yourself in the view of what a pilot from Changi Airport actually sees in the cockpit.  Fans of the exciting Netflix series “Into The Night” or people that want more thrills can also opt for more difficult but fun flying conditions or adverse “weather”.

Note: The recommended minimum age is 8 years old, but you can check out their Kids Experience for activities that are catered towards 8 to 12-year-olds.

How to purchase: Starting from $48.75 (After $100 SRV) Globaltix.com

3. Skyline Luge At Sentosa | A Cozy Ride With Racing

Skyline Luge

Skyline Luge, located at Sentosa, is an adventure ride in Singapore that is ideal for riders of all ages and levels of experience. It is a half-go-kart and half-cable ride that takes you across a 2.6 km track. It is perfect in satisfying your cravings for speed and racing in a safe and well-managed manner.

Breathtaking Views And A Beautiful Night Sky

Catch breathtaking views of the skyline of Sentosa and the South China Sea on the Skyride as you ascend to the top of the Luge. Both the Skyride and Luge can be enjoyed at night as you ascend in a cozy and romantic ride with a magnificent view of Sentosa and ride down a brighly-lit track. Book now!

How to purchase: Free of charge! (After $22.5 SRV) Klook.com 

Things To Note When You Use The Singaporediscovers Vouchers

Digital Singaporediscovers Vouchers of another individual cannot be used by someone else for attraction tickets through Singpass account. Is it true that Singaporediscovers vouchers are eligible for exchange for items of monetary value or cash after December 2020?’ Do visit our FAQ and feel free to contact us if you have any more questions

We Also Do Tours That Accept Rediscover Voucher!

Rediscover Singapore also offers various carefully crafted attractions tours and bookings on our site. We work closely with our authorised booking partners, Trip.com Travel Singapore Pte Ltd and Klook Travel Technology Pte Ltd with UOB Travel Planners Pte Ltd to deliver the best deals and packages for you and your loved ones to use SingapoRediscovers voucher (SRV) on and enjoy. Experience our city of Singapore in its natural beauty today!

That’s it!

Now that you know where to spend your SingapoRediscovers voucher, and the deadline being extended, go for what excites you most before it’s too late!

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