SAY WHAT? Singapore's Shiok Food Card Game


Love Singapore’s Local Food? Think you are a real true foodie who knows all your local food names? Or visiting Singapore soon and would love to check out the local food scene?

SAY WHAT? Singapore's Shiok Food Card Game


This is the right game for you!

Introducing our Singapore’s Shiok Food Card Game. 50 local dishes for you to guess and the winner will be the one who can guess the most.

Play with your foodie friends, family or even compete with your local so called ‘I LIVE TO EAT’ champion.

54 cards. 50 Beautifully Illustrated Food Cards, 1 about Say What, 1 How to Play, 1 Where to find good local food in Singapore and 1 Audio.

Come and ‘chiiiiooooonnngggg ah!’


  • Age: 8+
  • No. Players: 4 -16+
  • Time: 30-90 mins


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