Popiah Story - Make Your Own Popiah

Popiah Story - Make Your Own Popiah

Popiah is an iconic Singapore street food that has been a local favourite throughout the generations. Although it looks similar to a wrap or burrito at first glance, popiah is rolled up with a much thinner piece of dough skin that accentuates the flavors of its ingredients within.

This tour begins with our tour guide introducing the history of popiah as well as our heritage. Tools of the early popiah trade are on display and you can even try your hand at some of them. We are pioneers of popiah in Singapore and have been serving this local delight for more than 80 years. Different techniques of the trade were passed down by our forefathers to ensure that the popiah you eat today is as good as the one created eight decades ago.

After the demonstration, everyone is invited to sit down and wrap their own popiah with our prepared ingredients, including the freshly made popiah skin. Some of the condiments, like crispy fritters and sauces, are home-made recipes that cannot be found anywhere else. Although there’s an established method of wrapping popiah, there’s no hard and fast rule to it which means there’s no way of getting it wrong. Wrap your popiah the traditional way.. or not! The only rules here are the ones you set.

Activity details


  • Learn the history of popiah as well as our heritage
  • Watch the popiah master demonstrate the art of making popiah skin
  • Enjoy a fun and creative activity suitable for corporate groups

What to expect

  • Popiah Skin-making Demonstration
  • History of Popiah and Kway Guan Huat
  • Hands-on Interactive Activities
  • DIY Popiah Wrapping Session

What’s included

  • Intro to the Popiah Trade
  • Popiah-skin Making Demo
  • DIY Popiah Rolls Wrapping


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