Build Your MBTI Perfume - AROMA Meditation Workshop

Build Your MBTI Perfume - AROMA Meditation Workshop

Immerse in Scentopia’s Perfume Workshop to ignite creativity. Blend fragrances, crafting unique scents that mirror your imagination. A sensory journey that fosters connection—share laughs, experiment, and deepen bonds. Unleash creativity and strengthen relationships through the art of scent, a symphony of memories waiting to be composed.

The 5 Senses team bonding, with a special emphasis on AROMA-meditation, offers a multifaceted approach to enhance team cohesion and well-being. Engaging sight, sound, touch, taste, and particularly smell, AROMA-meditation cultivates a serene environment for participants. The olfactory senses stimulate relaxation, aiding in stress reduction and mental clarity. As colleagues immerse themselves in this sensory journey, barriers dissolve, fostering open communication and trust. The power of scent triggers positive memories, promoting empathy and understanding.

This unique team-building experience not only strengthens interpersonal relationships but also nurtures individual self-awareness. Through AROMA-meditation, teams forge deeper connections, ultimately fostering a harmonious and productive work environment.

Activity details


  • Step 1- Icebreakers
  • Step 2- Take the MBTI based Perfume Personality Tes
  • Step 3 – Explanation of Result & Team Dynamics
  • Step 4 – Choose your fragrance oil based on your memories & Personality test results
  • Step 5 – Perfume Creation
  • Step 6 – Signature Scent in a hand crafted Crystal bottle
  • Step 7, 8 – Various activity & games such as GUESS WHO? & AUCTION await to have more fun at this team building event

What’s included

  • 5 Senses team bonding with special focus on AROMA-meditation
  • Unleash Creativity and Strengthen Bonds with Scentopia’s Perfume Workshop
  • Take the MBTI based Perfume Personality Test and DIY perfume based on the result
  • Signature Scent in a hand crafted Crystal bottle


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